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The Women's, Men's, Couples,  Families', and Organizations' Sailing & Powerboating School

Sea Sense offers an incredible variety of educational experiences for women, men, families, and organizations throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Are you looking for a few days on the water as an introduction or a refresher to sailing or powerboating? Perhaps you're thinking more of a 5 or 7 day learning experience, an advanced coastal cruising course or long-distance passagemaking? Maybe your heart yearns for an international sailing or powerboating destination in which to learn more about boating. We can do it!

And that's not all! SEA SENSE is making it easier for you to have private instruction - On Your Own Boatę courses - sail or power. Or, if you're planning to move your boat to a new cruising ground and want to make the most of the passage, SEA SENSE can provide "teaching deliveries" personalized to your needs, where you learn as you go.

In the News

Ranger 29 tug - The Puddle DuckCapt. Patti joins Ken & Jean for The Voyage of The Puddle Duck, their Ranger 29 on a journey from Toronto, Canada to Stuart, Florida.

In the fall of 2012, Ken and Jean made an incredible voyage in their new boat, The Puddle Duck, which is a Ranger 29 trailerable tug. Their dream was to bring their boat from Toronto, Canada to Stuart, Florida on her own bottom. Part of what made it notable was their limited boating experience. Ken had done lake boating in Canada - 40 years ago - and Jean had never been on anything much smaller than cruise ships in her life. Enter Sea Sense to help them!

Capt. Patti was privileged to be aboard for the entire journey. What an unparalleled learning experience for them! Every day brought something new, but they were determined and diligent students. It was a joy for Sea Sense to participate and to watch their confidence grow!

The Puddle DuckNow they are in Florida, thinking of a trip to the Bahamas, and planning their solo return trip to Canada in the Spring. And making plans to keep on going – up the Trent-Severn Waterway system, into Georgia Bay, down Lake Michigan ... and on to who knows where next? See where some education can lead you? Here is their story in their own words. Click to read the full article >>


From " Scuttlebutt," the letter of the Corinthian Yacht Club, Stuart, FL
Written by Fleet Captain Chuck McLeran

The normally quiet weather of November in South Florida was certainly no friend to the cruisers at SCYC. Our Weekend in Delray, planned for boaters and land cruisers alike was very much affected by Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sandy. As the storm passed off shore some 150 to 200 miles it still brought strong winds that made even navigating the Intracoastal a challenge we chose not to take up. The alternate was however, just about as much fun. Once again, the spirit of our members overcame the weather and had a great Delray Weekend.

The "Scuttlebutt" groupFinally, the “Sea Sense for Women” safe boating course on November 16th started off with bright skies but strong winds out of the North or Northeast. Even the normally placid waters of Manatee Pocket gave Captains Patti Moore and Carol Cuddyer some difficulty when trying to show our stalwart female Captains-to be maneuvering techniques using a piling instead of a dock. The purpose was to emphasize the value of understanding relative motion and keeping the boat under control at all times by making correction to change the relative motion.

After each of the twelve trainees on the two boats worked in the wind and gave their best to remember each tip the instructors provided, it was realized that hunger and a need for energy took precedence. Tuition Free, provided by Bob and Judy Knapp and Lynndale, provided by Barbara Coyle, proceeded to the McLeran docks about 12:30 p.m. to take a much needed break for lunch. SCYC’s own, Carla O’Donnell, provided the bag lunches and some time was spent discussing the morning activities in anticipation of the afternoon schedule. This was not to be! By 2:00 p.m. heavy rain and wind engulfed the Treasure Coast and visibility on the Pocket was severely diminished. Not to worry; Sea Sense came equipped to carry on the training with drills inside. How to throw a line, how to receive a line, clove hitches, bowlines and a myriad of other details usually learned over a period of years came to the fore. Suddenly they found they had experts in their midst that could not only tie a bowline but teach others as well. Once again, our members simply made the most of a sometimes difficult situation and had a great time doing it.

The group headed to SCYC to enjoy “Friday with Ken” and the stories continued.

We have a waiting list of nine more ladies who we hope to schedule for a like event in January or February. If you’re interested let the Fleet Captain know.

Course Schedule

Our Course Schedule has something special in store for you. We invite you to come aboard, look at the information and then give us a call or send us an e-mail. We'll be happy to tell you more about the exciting opportunities we have for you.

Thank you and again, welcome to Sea Sense Boating School.

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